Our Fitness power programs are designed to help you generate as much force as fast as possible. Our Power training will work with strength and speed to help you increase your maximum force available to use, most of our power classes look at body resistance models to help you achieve your power goals.

This 60-minute circuit class is cross training to the max! It combines using your own body, weight, strength and floor weights to address all muscle groups with low rest intervals to work stamina and endurance, you will be instructed on proper lifting techniques and functional body movements while undertaking squats, lunges, chin ups and deadlifts.

This is a high intensity freestyle group training class running for 30 minutes that is designed to challenge your body while utilising specially designed equipment used by Gymnasts worldwide such as rings, ropes, parallel bars, high-low bars this Advanced Body Weight Training will test your endurance, strength and mobility.

Our 45 Minute suspension classes use specialised training equipment to allow you to use your own bodyweight as the resistance in a series of exercises, this medium to high intensity workout consists of a range of circuits designed to target different areas of the body ranging from your core through to you lower body and is designed  develop strength and improve balance.