Body Challenge

Our B12 and B25 programs are tailored specifically to help you lose weight, eat right and most importantly achieve your goal that has been set. Both of our program are designed to help you and your colleges achieve what you need. You will agree to be a mentor to another person in the program, while you yourself will also be a mentee. It truly is a collaborative effort as we are there to support each other during this challenge.

Not only will you receive valuable nutrition advice, you will have a personalised training program designed by your course facilitator and the process of mentoring throughout this program is a necessity. Everything at LSA Fitness is about moderation and balance, you have a bad dinner, that’s ok, you are not judged just provided support along the way. The success of body transformation programs is about making choices and the support you have and that you can provide others in making during this journey, the challenge is the start, the goal is about achieving a health lifestyle.

The B12 is our introduction 12-week program that looks at focusing on the building blocks of your fitness and addresses flexibility, balance and endurance combined with your new 12-week dietary plan, this program will help you start the challenge of moving into a healthy lifestyle, This program includes 5 face to face check in and wellbeing checks to monitor the progress of you, your allocated mentee and your mentor.

B25 takes the achievements of the B12 and adds strength and power into the equation, building muscle mass in line with your desired outcomes. As with the B12 program the B25 is a commitment to changing your lifestyle, your goals are regularly reviewed once every four weeks and continually tracked over your 25-week journey, this program includes nutrition advise and takes your food planning to a new level as its about having a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.