Fabulous & Fifty

ur Fabulous and Fifty FAB50 classes are a combination of dry land and water based gentle exercise classes that are specifically designed for people aged over 50. This program builds on work undertaken through the support of the Aquatic & Recreation Institute that provided the kick start funding and support to help LSA develop and run these programs at both the Scone Olympic Pool and Forbes Olympic Pools in 2017-18.

The water-based activities will improve participant’s cardiovascular fitness, whilst land-based classes aim to improve their load-bearing capabilities, both these outcomes help in developing strength and balance to prevent falls and improve cardiovascular health.

Once a month the FAB50 have a social get together and enjoy a free tea or coffee and get to spend time with their instructor and members of our Venue Management Staff away from the exercise classes to see how they are progressing and provide support, encouragement and providing a social (mental health) outcome as well as physical one.