Lifestyle Coaching

Our one on one lifestyle coaching sessions are conducted by our professional team of Personal Trainers, each of our Lifestyle programs is designed to help you come out with the achievable goals. Our focus is on helping you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle and life balance.

A lot of people think personal training is just a one-on-one training session, it is so much more, when you engage an LSA Fitness Personal Trainer you have a partner and mentor in your journey to achieve your goal. Our Personal Trainers will tailor your program, provide guidance, motivation and monitor your performance along your path to success.

Healthy eating is about balance, it’s a fine balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Don’t worry you will also get plenty of fibre from whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Our specialist staff will help you develop a food plan to work in conjunction with your lifestyle, so you have the most appropriate diet for your exercise programs that fits into your lifestyle.

This is a tailored program that take a holistic look at your wellbeing, we start with a schedule of work life balance, assist your food planning, exercise regime, you will have a fortnightly massage and undertake group exercise sessions with yoga. This really helps to keep you fit, strong, healthy and addresses your mind, body and soul.